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HIRING AN EAGLES Virtual Assistant

A VA makes a great supplement
to boost your appointment numbers! 

What you get

A dedicated virtual assistant ready to dial with FFL scripts and ready to learn your specific requests.

What you need

Your VA will need you to provide leads for them to call, a means of adding bookings to your calendar, and our instruction sheet filled out.

What to expect

Typically a dialer will not be as good as YOU are yourself! Expect them to set 50-75% of the appointments you set in the same amount of time.

What you pay

Your price ranges from $6-$10 per hour based on the number of hours per week you contract, your FFL affiliation, availability, and schedule.

When is it time to hire a VA? 

Taking on a VA is a great way to boost your number of weekly appointments and take your business to the next level. However, it also means taking on more expenses. If your lead cost is more than 25% of your sales, taking on added cost may not be a good idea at this point. 

Our VA's are provided video instructions about how FFL agents dial and scripts.

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