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We are currently recruiting for life insurance agents across the country. No experience needed. We will help you get your license and start your business. This is not a "job". We are not "hiring" you. We are teaching you the methods we use to succeed in the Life Insurance industry!


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Ready to get started? Set a time for a one-on-one call with Brian HERE.


Recruiting questions can be directed to Brian Foshee 407-852-8083.

What happens when I say yes?

1. We will instruct you on how to sign up for your state license exam and the online course to study. You are responsible for the cost of the exam and fingerprinting. We will provide you with free access to the state required study course.

2. Once you pass your exam (most do this in 1-2 weeks) and receive your National Producer Number, we will get you assigned with some of the carriers you will be working with. You will get paid directly from them when you write policies for clients.

3. Time to LEARN! Watch our videos and participate in our trainings.

4. Time to purchase leads (the names and numbers of people who have requested help with life insurance) and make calls to set appointments with them.

5. Go to the appointments and help them submit applications.

We recommend booking 30 appointments a week. Expect to work long days at first to get used to your new business. After 60 days you will be in a rhythm and  able to control your schedule fully.


Why work with Family First Life on the Eagles Team?

1. NO CONTRACT: Not only are you not a captive agent, you have NO CONTRACT with FFL. The only thing keeping you here is your wanting to be here.
2. FULLY VESTED FROM DAY 1: If it isn’t the best decision you have ever made in this industry, you walk away with all your commissions, renewals, and your book of business. They belong to you from day 1. Many other companies make you wait 5-10 years to be fully vested.
3. NO QUOTAS: You are never obligated to have office hours, a certain amount of sales, or buy a certain number of leads.
4. NO FEES: There is no monthly fee to use the CRM, no onboarding fee, conventions and trainings are all free to enter.
a. BOOTCAMP: We have a bootcamp online with 15-20 hours of training videos from FFL’s top agents covering product knowledge, appointment setting, and in home presentation. We also have a schedule of zoom calls you can participate in each week. Sales meetings at our offices around the country throughout the year and a free convention once a year. There are no required attendance meetings.
b. SUPPORT: You have a group of agents who will answer the phone when they see a new agent calling so you always have support from the client’s home. You also have a team available to help you get going!
c. ZOOM CALLS: We have zoom calls available for you to learn every week! We cover dialing, in home, expectations, and product knowledge.
6. NO LONG SCRIPTS TO MEMORIZE: You are free to use our short dialing script and make it your own. You do not need to know a long script word for word. Since we work with many carriers, there is no script for in home. We have a fantastic structure and you be yourself!
7. WE HAVE LEADS: Without leads, you are left to sell to family and friends. We don't use that business model. FFL will not ask you to make a list of everyone you know and start there. Instead... we have instant, new, and aged mortgage and final expense leads. You can buy leads by the county. There is no obligation to buy any leads. You can use any reputable lead source you want.
8. OUR CARRIERS: We work with A rated carriers your customers will likely recognize. You can pick and choose if you only want some of the carriers.
9. PRODUCTS: We offer our clients term, whole life, universal life, and annuities. Great options are available for your clients. 
a. DIAL DAYS: You run your own show but this is what we know works. Monday and Thursday are our dial days. We dial our leads 3 times in a row and 3 times a day. So, you may dial 300-450 times in a day! This makes for a long day and it can be discouraging if you don’t keep your eye on the donut! 10-15 appointments booked each dial day should easily make for a successful year. If you are not willing to dial hard, please don’t sign up! 
b. RUN DAYS: We do in home appointments with our clients. All applications are E-apps so I recommend a tablet with service so you don’t have to rely on wifi. Much of the time you will be able to hand the client a policy number before leaving the house. Done in ONE VISIT in often under an hour!
11. COMP LEVEL: At FFL you can be started at 80% but at Eagles we start you at 100% comp level. Most carriers will be on or close to your comp level but they do vary from carrier to carrier and product to product.
12. EASY PROMOTIONS: You can move up in comp level based on your own production and the production of your team. You can see specifics here-
13. LEADS: There is no obligation to buy leads from FFL but we do have a great lead program. You can see more about it here-
14. TEAM BUILDING: If you refer one person to us who becomes an agent, we will put them on your team, move you up to 115% comp level and put them at 100% so you make an override on their policies. Until your agency is doing $100,000 a month and you get your own logo, we will handle all the onboarding and training for your team.

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