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When it is time for our lead planning call use this ZOOM LINK

Watch before we meet-
How our business works in 20 minutes 







More details about using the Lead Center to buy leads








If a lead doesn't have a phone number-

Phone numbers to put in your contacts. Reach out anytime:

  • Onboarding Questions
    Brian and Scott
    M-F 9am-5pm
    (407) 305-2225 


  • Product and process questions:
    Brian Foshee -  (407) 852-8083
    Scott Rhodes - 864-402-9499


  • Sales questions:
    Shadi Gharfeh (FFL Eagles President, million dollar producer)

    Overall experts

  • Dan Chernati - FFL360 Agency Owner - (973) 903-0137 

  • Alexis Lichtinger – Manager – (954) 849-4708
    Is a great resource for training!
    Bartender to insurance guru in under 12 months

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